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Relations Essay Examples

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Parents and children in Romeo and Juliet

Juliet is the daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet, a wealthy and well-respected family. Although young and members of opposing families in a long-standing feud, Juliet and Romeo fall instantly in love with each other, and marry in secret. Her parents remain unaware of their relationship, and are determined that she marries Paris; it is…

Forgive and forget

A wise woman and her young disciple were walking down the street. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an angry man in a carriage drove haphazardly by the two, insensitively pushing the woman out of his way. She landed in a ditch filled with muddy water. The woman yelled after the man in the carriage, “May you…

Realism and neo realism

Elaborate upon the concept of Realism and Neo-Realism in international relations with a focus upon the works of Morgenthau and Waltz. Most theories of international relations are based on the idea that states always act in accordance with their national interest, or the interests of that particular state. State interests often include self-preservation, military security,…



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Bilateral Relations

Saudi-U. S relations always draws attention owing its diversified religious and continental affairs. However, the oil export history and the currency pegging issues are dynamic in understanding these bilateral relations between these countries. The Saudi alliances and the network issues of GCC countries adds much flavor to peep into the relation between Saudi-U. S. In…

Public Relations

The term public relations (PR) is a campaign anticipated to establish benevolence for an individual or organization appearance. According to Tye (1998, p. 13), one of the initial descriptions of PR was formed by Bernays which claims that PR is an institutional operation which organizes public manners and characterizes the rules, measures and activity of…

International Relations

Until now, the world’s nation has fought for political and economical dominance. Before Second World War, the world was multi polar with many nations as super power. After this disastrous event, it transformed into the bipolar world with USA and USSR as its two super powers and the rest of the nations were followers of…

Germany and the Middle East Relations

Do you know that German and Middle East relations started as early as 17th Century? These relationships however had been with strings attached. One set out to manipulate the other for its own selfish gain. Germany had all the power to manipulate Middle Eastern countries. Its main interest was to colonize the Ottoman Empire (Schwanitz…

Public Relations

Public relations (known often as just PR) can be and is defined in a multitude of ways. A commonly heard statement in terms of public relations is ‘there is no such thing as bad press. ’ And while that statement may be true, in some cases to much PR can create a situation where a…

Relations between states

Winston Churchill famously lamented, “It may be that we shall by a process of sublime irony have reached a stage in this story where safety will be the sturdy child of terror, and survival the twin brother of annihilation. ” In the wake of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a new nuclear age was ushered in with…

The problem with public relations

Budd and Ruben (1988) stressed that the absence of data sources signals mass media’s inevitable downfall and destruction. Once and for all, information is media’s main (product). Thus, it is pretty impossible for media organizations to deliver such (product) if there is an apparent lack of supplier. PR is therefore instrumental in sustaining media’s existence…

Evidence of Neocolonialism in African Trade Relations

Athow Brian and Robert G. Blanton present their study of African trade relations before and after European colonialism in “Colonial Style and Colonial Legacies: Trade Patterns in British and French Africa. ” This study is quite important as it is an effort to scientifically assess the colonial trade legacy in a comparative manner. In fact,…

Domestic Politics and International Relations

I. International relations as venerable subject. A. People were studying international relations before there were nations. B. Kautilya, Sun Tzu, Thucydides, and Herodotus were the first philosophers and scientists to write about international relations more than 2,500 years ago. C. The key fundamental law of international relations states that politics is rooted in domestic affairs….

Israel Relations: A Closer Look

Without a doubt, the U. S. – Israel relations have been bolstered by almost 60 years of maintaining commitment to Israel’s security and well-being. In fact, this “pact” has been a cornerstone of U. S. policy in the Middle East since Israel’s creation in 1948, in which the United States played an important, supporting role….

Relations between Venezuela and the United States

To create a speech/presentation about Venezuela-United States relations, with a focus on the regime of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Topic: Relations between Venezuela and the United States, with a focus on the Chavez administration. Purpose: To be able to analyze the roots of the current state of Venezuela-United States relations as well as its future,…

Us-Chinese Relations

An ancient civilization and an emerging economic powerhouse in the heart of Asia, China is quickly developing one of the strongest economies in the world. Chinese products can be found all over the world from Athens to Zurich and since its cautious embrace of a more market-oriented capitalist outlook, the modern People’s Republic of China…

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