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  • Mark Twain Author info

    Riverboat Pilot, inventor, gold miner, apprentice, author, lecturer, printer What occupations did Mark Twain hold? Adult themes Mark Twain's book are read by children, but contain what? First Modern Celebrity Mark Twain is considered to be what? White Suit What was Mark Twain's trademark? Samuel Langhorn Clemens What was Mark… VIEW ESSAY

  • Gilded Age

    Who coined the term Gilded Age? Mark Twain What does "Gilded" mean? Golden What did people initially believe the Gilded Age was a time of? economic growth and population What was the Gilded Age truly a time of? corruption, politics, and business What Andrew Jackson system marred the Gilded Age?… VIEW ESSAY

  • Gilded Age

    Individualism this belief says that regardless of your background, you can still rise in society social darwinisim The theory of evolution and natural selection and is applied to human society Philanthropy is the rich to use thier great fortunes to further social progress Settlement houses settlement houses offer shelter, medical… VIEW ESSAY

  • chapter 25 vocab apush

    Jane Addams 1860-1935. Founder of Settlement House Movement. First American Woman to earn Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 as president of Women's Intenational League for Peace and Freedom. Florence Kelly Active in the settlement house movement and led progressive labor reforms for women and children. Emma Lazarus Granddaughter of German… VIEW ESSAY

  • mark twain bio quiz

    what is mark twains real name? Samuel Clemens Where was he born? Florida as a teen he worked as a _______ and a __________. printer and a journalist the ___________ _____ was a major influence in Twains writing life. Mississippi river in 1857 he worked for ______ _____ as a… VIEW ESSAY

  • The Lowest Animal by Mark Twain Vocab

    dispositions natures; character allegiance loyalty caliber quality or ability wantonly carelessly, often with ill will transition passage from one condition, form, or stage to another scrupled hesitated because of feelings of guilt appease satisfy; pacify avaricious greedy sordid dirty; cheap; shameful satire a type of writing that ridicules the shortcomings… VIEW ESSAY

  • Mark Twain Facts (AofHF)

    Given name Samuel Langhorne Clemens Birthplace/year Florida, Missouri in 1835 Hannibal - town on Mississippi River - relocated here when he was 4 youth life syle fairly rich with number of slaves until his father died in 1847 job after leaving school printer apprenticeship in 1851 Hannibal Journal 1st job… VIEW ESSAY

  • Mark Twain

    white suit what was Mark Twain's trademark? Samual Clemens what was Mark Twain's real name? hannibal Missouri Where did Mark Twain grow up? Tom Sawyer What novel mirrors Twain's youth? printer's apprentice Twain left school to become what? Steamboatman what was twain's dream and favorite profession? gold mining What "honorable… VIEW ESSAY

  • Terms from mark Twain’s The War Prayer

    asking God for help "beseeching His aid" passionate/persuasive speaking "fervid eloquence" impulsive/reckless people "rash spirits" shining of dreams with military/war "alight with martial dreams" sound your war trumpet/war cry "Thunder thy clarion" asking for something modestly/giving in "supplication" well-meaning/kind god "benignant Father" foaming waterfall "frothy cataract" unpleasing appearance "Seamy face"… VIEW ESSAY

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