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Employers Essay Examples

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The Truth And Nothing But The Truth? The Legal Liability Of Employers For Employee References

Negligent Referral Introduction             Common law refers to a legal system native and developed in England and in which court decisions set precedence in decreeing case laws subject to usages and customs rather than the codified written laws. In common law, the duty of care refers to a legal obligation in which an individual is…

Statutory Responsibilities and Rights of Employees and Employers

1. Know the statutory responsibilities and rights of employees and employers within own area of work. 1.1. List the aspects of employment covered by law.Minimum wage, hours working, discrimination, health and safety, holiday entitlement, redundancy and dismissal, training, disciplinary procedures, union rights and consultation. Labour covers the deal between employee and employer. Health and safety…

Should Employers Monitor Internet Usage?

The twenty-first century is in full swing and technology changes almost daily. This increase in technology, however, is a double-edged sword for many employers. New computer and internet capabilities allow for faster production, more efficient order processing, online banking, computerized record keeping and even allows employees to work from virtually anywhere with smart phones, mobile…



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Debate the proposition that employers are more concerned with controlling employee behaviour than they are with eliciting employee commitment.

It can be said that employers have become increasingly concentrated towards controlling employee’s behaviour than endeavouring to attain employee commitment in organisations. Control can be defined as “To exercise authoritative or dominating influence over” . However this can become controversial when applied to working with people therefore as a countermeasure commitment has been introduced to…

Responsibilities and rights of employees and employers

Responsibilities and rights of employees and employers within own area.The law in UK covers the following aspects: Employment law is the body of law which governs the relationship between employers and their employees. A key component therefore of employment law is the employment rights which are bestowed upon both the employee and the employer. The…

The Rights and Responsibilities of Employers and Employees

Once the staffs have been recruited they need to know how to do their job. The main point of training is to make staff better at their job. Staff who are good at their jobs are generally better motivated. As staffs learn new skill through training, they may be promoted to jobs higher up in…


What should Paul do to determine how Plastec compares with other area employers in terms of wages and benefits? When determining how Plastec compares with other area employers in terms of wages and benefits, Paul should first find out what his organization’s philosophies, strategies, and approaches are to the compensation system followed by an in…

Illinois Employers

The Illinois WARN reduces the number of employees required for an employer’s notification, which should be done 60 days advance, in case of layoffs or closing. It reduces from 100 (as set by the federal WARN) to not less than 75 full-time employees who has a combined working time of 4,000 hours or more per…

Employers’ Decision-Making based on Heuristics

Employers in the United States, especially for those in the East coast or in the southern states, usually have a common way of judging their applicants based on some valuable attributes.  In this case, the applicant is a Hispanic Woman which seems to be enough to affect the employer’s decision.   Why?  Objectively speaking, it…

The immigration debate

Of the immigration debate, I think it is full of sound and fury, signifying that people can generate sound and fury.  Immigrants are blamed for hospital failures, but when the California Attorney General had a blue ribbon panel investigate, the panel found that the hospitals that were filing were small, inefficient, and operating marginally.  Poor…

Guide for employers

Eliminating would mean developing a zero tolerance anti-bully policy while the work environment is being structured to incorporate a sense of autonomy and individual challenge. The best way is to define specific duties and responsibilities of every employee working in the organization. This shall give one a good reference of what and what not to…

Managing physical resources

Within this task I am going to produce data that is going to be included in a job information pack, as part of an advertisement campaign for a new post with a company that my supervisor has asked to to work on. The main factor that I am going to include is:  The key features…

Everyone has the right to privacy

Everyone has the right to privacy. This is the right to not have details about our lives to be held or circulated without our knowledge/consent. Data of personnel nature are collect every so often by organisations. For example:  Employers hold personnel records that include data on address, age, qualification, salary, sick leave and so on….

The most employers

The Greg’s were better than most employers of their time as they were good to their workers. They knew that if they were good to their workers, they would get a better quality of work from them. If their workers were healthy and happy the Greg’s knew they would work faster making more of a…

Employers and Employees rights

INTRODUCTION: In this piece of course work I am going to describe, using examples from Shropshire county council, the rights of the employer and its employees. I am also going to explain using examples of how the they resolve the disagreements with its employees over rights of employment or working conditions. Then I am going…

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