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E-book Essay Examples

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Forecasting the Adoption of E-Books

The size of the market for e-books in the long-run: 293.7 million x 46.7% x 8% = 10.973 million (Total US population x percentage of US population reading literature x Percentage of traditional paper books purchased online in 2003) It will take 10 years to reach 95% penetration of the potential market. Question 2 I…

Business communication

Student Name: ID: 1-:learning Outcome being assessed: 1. Choose the appropriate communication channel for a business communication event. 2. Present material in context and support claims with evidence, reasoning and professional quality. 3. Design and produce a message that is responsive and appropriate within a business context. 4. Produce clear and concise memos, letters, faxes…

Textbooks Vs. Ebooks

Technology keeps advancing every day, and E-books are taking over removing the textbooks from schools. The article “The future of Education: Textbooks vs. eBooks”, mentions all the good things how eBooks can help many, for example how eBooks are cheaper for college students and how they are more convenient in the way college students don’t…



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PEST Analysis of Amazon

Since the internationalization of Chinese economy to now, China has become the world’s second largest economy by nominal GDP. However, the best measure for comparing output across countries is the GDP by purchasing power parity since China’s exchange rate is determined not by market forces. What’s more, over the past 30 years, China has an…

E-book and real book

If you compare real book and e-book, most of the people like real book than e-book. Some of them think that reading e-book is harming their eyes or use real book for a decoration to show they are wisdom. Although real book has a certain place in people’s heart, e-book can replace real book in…

Strategic analysis of Waterstones

The growth in e-commerce for books and other media has caused traditional retail models to re-organise due to their weaknesses. 1Waterstones has moved from this traditional model into a multi-channel model that supports multiple points of contact for customers. 2 Value identification The main value adding activities that enabled this model focus on balancing the…

Black Rage-Book Report

The pages of human history daubed in bloodshed and thickly coated with ethnic, racial conflicts ask a crying question. How to make this Planet Earth heaven -like? The answer is simple and direct. Eyes full of understanding, heart full of love and the life that refuses conflicts—these alone are enough! When an individual or a…

Amazon case study

1-4. In what ways does Amazon, as a company, evidence the willingness and ability to collaborate? As we discussed in class, collaboration is the activity of two or more people working together to achieve a common goal, product, or service. Collaboration with competing firm is a critical aspect to Amazon’s business model. In late 2007,…

Books and e-books

Some people believe that printed books are no longer necessary in this digital era, as all writings can be stored electronically. Others think print books till play important role. Discuss both views and give your opinion. In the past few years, e-books have been sold or downloaded for free in large numbers on the internet. These…

E Books and Traditional Books

Throughout history of people, writing is the most significant way of communication and knowledge sharing. Human written on the walls and stones in the beginning. After that papers took the place of walls and stones. At the present time, thanks to technological advancement, lettering can write on electronic devices that called as e-books. This situation…

E-Book vs Books

Nowadays, the world of books has greatly developed; that is why reading a book is easier than in the past. Now, heavy books are not a problem to carry and read them because e-books are virtual books. The way books are read has evolved dramatically. Thanks to e-books, there is another option to read a…

The Comparison of Paper Book and E-Book

Paper book has been playing a key role in our lives for many hundreds of years. However, its challenger comes out in the last decade, which is e-book (electronics book). E-book is so differentiated from paper book to be considered innovative. More and more people like e-book and hardly purchase paper book. Therefore, recently publishers…

Conventional Books vs E-Book

As past times go, there’s little that is more old-fashioned, quiet and basic as reading a book. Or, at least, that used to be the case. But with the competitive flood of electronic readers, or e-readers, hitting the market as well as e-reader applications for smartphones, the reading experience has been getting a progressively modern…

Book Fair

The theme of this year’s book fair was “E-books” keeping in mind the increasing number of IT- savvy younger generation with a penchant for internet, mobile-phones and other reader-friendly digital gizmos. It attracted over 230 participants from India and Abroad. The overseas participants were from China, Pakistan, UK and USA. The fair provided a unique…

Books obsolete

From the beginning of time paper books have been the soul means of historical documentation and the recording of stories, as to be passed down through the generations. With the new technology know as kindles, e-books, etc. the needs of paper books has drastically decreased. When it comes to storage, convenience, and quality, e-books will…

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